HUSNG regs become Victims of DDoS attacks

4 04 2013

HUSNG regs reported about possible DDoS attacks recently. While the topic is not very well known yet, there is a serious security leak by using Skype publishing everyone’s IP. After sa1251 reported about this topic about a month ago at 2+2 it gets more and more attraction when other report similar possible DDoS attacks to their computers, lost their internet connection as got blinded out of their SNG games. While this problem was mostly reported for poker rooms, like 2 weeks ago for a bitcoin poker room, it now seems to arrive poker players itself.

Using one of those many Skype IP grabbers make it easy to find out the IP of the user in question, even without being in the contact list. With the IP and a DDoS tool it is easy to shut down the possible victims connection (not available anymore).

A friend of mine proved me yesterday how fast he was able to broke up my connection. Even tho ownage4u started his thread at 1st of April, this is not a bad April fool, but a serious security problem for every somehow known poker player. Using a VPN helps at least a bit to stay online, but still makes playing poker pretty impossible in case of a DDoS attack.

The only known solution how to hide the Skype IP seems to use a Proxy connection. There is an article explaining the problem in detail and give some kind of a solution. Using a proxy like TOR for the Skype connection only, seems to be good solution. But since poker sites and ewallet provider like Skrill become suspicious when users login with such a proxy IP, make sure to use the described configuration for Skype only!

If there is any easier or better solution, please share it!

New Skrill Cashback Promotion

26 03 2013

On March 29th Skrill will launch a new cashback promotion to celebrate easter. That means you will earn 0.8% cashback on every qualifying transaction to merchants through the Skrill Loyalty Club!

The Easter Cashback Promotion will run for 5-6 weeks. During that time you will earn 4 Loyalty points for every transferred Euro to merchants.

Read about this Skrill promo and other Skrill related topics at

VIP-Cashback Skrill deal

jamni wins MicroMillions HU MTT

18 03 2013

jamni pokerstarsjamni, one of my best friends and clients from Slovenia won the MicroMillion HU MTT last night. With over 16,000 entrants he proved once again his ability to crush those micro events and turned his $3 buyin into $3k. If you check his MTT stats you will see his great ability to crush those games after he won a $1 rebuy MTT for over $11k just some months ago.

Read about his way to the title at PokerStars blog. He also gave an interview to PokerStrategy.

No, he’s no micro pro, neither a MTT pro. He’s just a very talented allrounder, but specialist for $60-$100 HU SNGs with following stats:

jamni HUSNG stats

jamni’s HUSNG stats

Grats again bro and thanks for the pokertaining night at the rail! :)

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